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segunda-feira, 5 de maio de 2014

5 Anos 7 Meses

Let's write in English...

You just called me, reminding me
It has been 7 months since we met
Today, the day I'm going to mesure my heart beats
I know they're as high as yours are

But then I'm back in time
Almost the same building
I remember with gratitute
Who used to boss me
And I thank these roads
I learned with them
Among these trees, somehow
I feel like a hunter again

Then I get here at the place
Where you first caught my heart
At this moment I got myself a mix of past/present memories

I feel like hunting again
I can say I don't need him
Just like the other hurts at the time

It is cold, I remember
My fears and my pain hold me again
They say I'm always welcome
Going home, every day, I remember
When every single face was so beautiful
I was trying to find the one.

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